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Tell your friends about Free Easter Letters & Coloring Pages!

A Free Personalized Easter Letter with Coloring Page and Envelope from The Easter Bunny is a great thing to share with your friends because each time someone purchases a letter or letter credit bundle we donate some of that money to charity.

Make Money For Charity AND Yourself!

When you use our site to create a letter we ask you to create a MagicalBubble Account to store your letter in so that you can easily retrieve it later and we give you a special link that you can share with your friends.

Share your special link with your friends and we’ll donate an extra $1.00 USD to charity on any purchases they make or you can choose to keep the extra $1.00 USD per purchase yourself as a little thank you for sharing with your friends. We still donate the usual amount to charity whichever option you choose and you can track your referrals by visiting your MagicalBubble Account.

How Do I Get a MagicalBubble Account?

Simply create a letter on any one of our sites and we'll ask you to create an account or visit the MagicalBubble Website and choose to Register.

How to donate the extra $1.00 USD per purchase to charity

You don’t need to do anything except share your special link with your friends, we automatically donate the extra $1.00 USD per purchase to charity under the terms of our Referral Programme. You can track your referrals, how much you've helped to donate, retrieve your special links and change your settings by visiting your MagicalBubble Account.

How to receive the extra $1.00 USD per purchase yourself

Simply follow the steps below:

  • 1. Verify your account email address

    When you sign up we send you a welcome email which contains a link you need to click in order to verify that you own the email address you provided.

  • 2. Change Your Payment Settings

    Visit your MagicalBubble Account Settings and select “Pay my earnings to my Paypal account” and then provide the Paypal account email address of the Paypal account you would like us to pay your earnings to.

    MagicalBubble Account Payment Settings Example
  • 3. Wait for us to pay you

    You can view how many friends have visited our site and made a purchase or signed up for a free letter on your MagicalBubble Account Home Page. Your payments are paid 1 month after the period the purchase is made to enable time for any refunds that may be requested.
    All payments are subject to our Referral Programme terms & conditions.

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